Special charitable deal on all prints.

Recently I was going through one of my weekly existential crises; “what good is my existence doing for humanity, the world, the universe”- you know the usual, when Alyssa Milano’s beautiful face comes on the television in front of me, sincerely urging me to make the ridiculously small contribution of 50 cents a day to help save the life of a poverty stricken child. I know we’ve all seen these ads time and time again, and I don’t exactly know if it was just my heightened contemplative state or what, but I was finally moved to take this ridiculously easy action. I called the number and within minutes it was done. Now for all I know, I was the last person who hadn’t already signed up for this thing, any of you who know me, are familiar with my tendency for laziness and procrastination, not to mention my limited abilities when it comes to managing money. I don’t want to straight up lay a guilt trip on anybody, but if there is anybody out there who hasn’t made this call yet, as cliched as it sounds, I guess what I’m trying to say is if my lazy ass can do it- you know you can. Again I am sure that the majority of you guys out there have already done this, and probably do quite a bit more, and I realize that this is not some monumental act of generosity on my part.

There are a lot of you who have been trying to get prints of some of my paintings, and I’d like to take this opportunity to offer prints of my work (which usually go for $20-$25) for 5 dollars a piece (which will cover the cost of the print and the shipping) for anyone who wants to start making a $15 monthly commitment to UNICEF (or any other comparable charity that you see fit). Just e-mail me the painting that you are interested in getting a print of and I will get back to you and we can figure out the details

Thanks for taking the time to read this guys! I hope that this does not offend any one in any way, I am truly just trying to figure out a way to do some thing positive with this life I’ve been given. Much love to you all!