Brendan Tierney was born in the far off magical land of New Jersey. Ever since his mother gave him his first set of crayons (and he proceeded to cover her walls and furniture in a crude narrative of imaginary creatures) drawing and painting have been the driving force in his life.

From punk rock show flyers to skateboard graphics, Brendan scrawled his way across america to San Francisco where he attended the San Francisco Art Institute. He enjoyed the beautiful school immensely before dropping out to pursue hard drugs full time. This foolish path landed Brendan in federal prison for bank robbery. Even still his passion for drawing saved his sweet ass (literally and figuratively). Brendan spent three and a half years in Lompoc tattooing and drawing portraits of his fellow prisoners’ loved ones.

Today Brendan lives a much more pleasant life painting, tattooing, and surfing in beautiful San Diego. When once Brendan’s art work depicted the chaos of his destructive lifestyle, he now tries to express the real joy and freedom that exists even in the midst of an unjust and oftentimes cruel world. His focus is the emotional moment of crisis or clarity, where a life can change for good.